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About Me and My MOM Blog

Hi, I’m BEM (Blue Eyed Mama)

I am an, originally reluctant (but loving it now), stay at home mom of 3 and step-mom to 1 (2 girls and 2 boys). After living in cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, and the Tampa Bay area, my family and I have settled in rural Indiana. We are a homeschool family, which is rewarding but often difficult, and I also teach small classes online from home. My time is spread thin sometimes, but we make time for movie night and we try to read together, as a family, a couple nights a week.

mom blogI am an ordinary mom, just like everyone else. Sometimes my kitchen is really dirty (like right now, I can assure you it is a mess), my laundry is often piled up, sometimes my kids are on my last nerve, but I enjoy having fun with my family… and really can’t see it any other way! My husband is a great partner, but like many, we’ve seen a few ups and downs, however, through some love and hard work, we’ve built a life that we both love and are proud of!

Why Blog?

I never dreamed of being a “blogger”! I started my blog for fun… I like sharing ideas and having ideas shared with me… and that is why I blog. This blog isn’t a perfect “Mom Blog”, my pictures aren’t always perfect, I don’t post as often as others do, and I am not as on trend as many of the mom bloggers, but this blog is simply where I come to share ideas or experiences, and I hope you find something you like or relate to along the way!

I’d love to hear from you so head over to Facebook or Instagram and follow me (if you’d like), there you can see some of the day-to-day stuff I might not actually blog about. If you love Pinterest, check me out there! I also have an Etsy Shop, it isn’t a full time business, but worth checking out as the sales go to support our Little Library.

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know a bit more about me, I hope to hear from you!

BEM + Fam šŸ™‚

P.S. I am an Amazon Affiliate and this means that when I link* something to Amazon, there is a chance I will see a commission. These commissions are small… pennies on the $20! If I was a bigger mom blog or spent more time linking products like some do… maybe I’d make more, but alas that isn’t the case, or my top priority blogging.

I do link to my Etsy Shop where appropriate and many teachers and homeschool parents have found this useful. I don’t see a commission from my Etsy Shop… you are buying directly from me, so I see the profit after paying Esty. While not lucrative… yet… it has helped so much keep our little library going with NEW books for all ages!

Either way, know that I strive to only suggest things I truly believe in and use. Want to send me a quick line… head here!


*a link that gives the possibility of compensation, however, most clicks lead to NO compensation, the ones that do, on a good day, average fractions of pennies per click.