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Affiliate Links Turn Into Donations

Donations for Little Library

Little Library
My little ones pointing to the spot we decided to put our library!

Bloggers sometime add links that you can click and then be taken to  another website, these are affiliate links. Usually these are for awesome or featured products. I am not a big blogger and probably won’t have many that aren’t linked to Amazon, but those are still considered affiliate links. On this blog, affiliate links turn into donations, for a great cause!

Most often clicks lead to nothing, but if certain purchases are made, bloggers are essentially paid a “finder’s fee” for that item. It is usually a couple pennies (seriously), but BIG bloggers get lots of clicks, and that can really turn into an income stream for them. Here, I have made about $100 in 5 years (sad) but I don’t blog for that reason. However, rest assured that if you do click an affiliate link, anything made from that, eventually will buy books for my family’s Little Corner Library, a library that we built on our property for anyone to use and trade books from!

What is a Little Library?

If you’re not familiar with a Little Library, it’s a box that offers books to be borrowed and returned or kept with a donation of another book. These Little Library’s are usually on someone’s private property and are sometimes a lifeline to children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to an actual library. Our goal is to have this be an asset to our community and be able to instill a love for books in the kid’s of our neighborhood.