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Easy Turtle Craft

Make a Paper Plate Turtle

While learning about animals it is fun to be able to see them, sometimes that isn’t always an option. So, the next best thing is to “make” one! While learning about turtles, we set out to do a hands-on activity and made this easy turtle craft.

Crafting can often be messy but I have found paper plate crafts to be a lifesaver with various projects. From paper plate turtles for preschoolers to paper plate cells for high schoolers… paper plates are always handy to have on hand. I even have a page devoted to Paper Plate Crafts!

What You’ll Need

Making this easy turtle craft is a sinch and you won’t need many items that you probably don’t already have. You will need…

  • paper plates
  • markers (or other coloring tools) in 3-4 shades of green
  • glue or glue stick
  • scissors
  • paper (or use another paper plate)
  • googly eyes (or draw eyes)

I said green as most think turtles are green, however, turtles come in a wide range of colors naturally and any child using their imagination can turn a turtle rainbow in a second. Provide colors you’d like to see the turtles or research different ones… or allow your kiddos to create magical turtles by providing lots of colors!

The markers we use are alcohol markers and they are lovely. You can see some options here for markers, there are different-sized sets. We bought these markers and they have worked great. I will say that they are often shown being stored up and down but they should be stored horizontally. I also purchased this holder for the markers. If you have real little ones washable markers might be ideal but even when my kids were younger they liked the alcohol markers best.

Instructions for Turtle

easy turtle craft

  • Take a darker green and draw some blobs like in the picture

  • Color the blobs in with another color green, preferably lighter

  • Use the original color to add details (optional)

  • Fill in the white space with another shade of green (if using green)

  • Use white paper or construction paper and cut out legs and a head. If using white paper, choose a green to color them (or whatever color you or your kiddos are choosing. Also, though not shown here, don’t forget a tail.

Easy Turtle craft

  • Glue the pieces together and either add googly eyes or draw some and glue them on, and your turtle is done!

Learning More About Turtles

This craft could be for tortoises and with flipper adaptation, it could work for sea turtles too!

One thing many don’t know about turtles is that according to animal classification, all tortoises are actually turtles, though not all turtles are tortoises. This has to do with the Order they both belong to on the Taxonomy Ladder called Testudines.

Those in the Testudines Order are reptiles whose bodies are surrounded by shells and whose shells are fused with their ribs and vertebrae. All of these animals are called turtles, which includes tortoises and sea turtles, but biologists further classify animals based on other characteristics and that is why not all turtles are tortoises.

Turtles are fascinating creatures and need protection, learning about them is the first step. For anyone with pre-K and early elementary kids who want to dive deeper into turtles, I have created an education pack that includes flashcards and a game! Head to my Etsy Shop and grab it!

World Turtle Day is May 23rd every year and the Turtle Survival Alliance has declared April 22nd – May 23rd, Turtle Month. That would be a great time for learning about turtles!

Enjoy Your Crafting!

If you or your kiddos make this turtle craft, I would love to hear what you think! Comment below and share or head over to Instagram or Facebook and tag me @bemandfam to share pics… I’d love to see them!

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BEM and Fam 🙂

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