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5 Tricks for Leftover Halloween Candy

Leftover Halloween Candy – Friend or Foe?

leftover Halloween candy
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Another Halloween is close at hand, and during the celebration, candy is always the highlight. Halloween brings in handfuls of candy, if not bagful’s for some and many parents worry about their children having too much leftover Halloween candy.

If you aren’t keen on the excess sugar, chemicals, calories, or you just have multiple children (and the multiple load of candy), what do you do?

Here is a quick rundown of what you can do with that candy, of course sort through it and pull out your favs first… parents gotta eat too!

  1. Eat it! You can have some, you can let your kids binge eat it, or you can ration it out, but when you think about how expensive candy is… thinking about giving it away or throwing it away, well, it seems nuts!
  2. Save it! This is an expansion on the above but one that might ease the mind of mom’s everywhere. You could save the leftovers for rewards on chores, tests, good deeds… you name it! This way they get to eat some and keep the rest for later. WIN-WIN! Freezing many candies is an option.
  3. Give it away! Sometimes places like senior centers will take leftover candy for some of it’s residents. This is a great option of giving back and unloading some extra candy. You could also take it into the office for your co-workers, either way giving it away might suite you best!
  4. Sell it! Now I don’t suggest you selling your kid’s candy on some make-shift black market… BUT for those worried about sugar, calories, and cavities… see if a local dentist or agency will buy it from you. Many dentists will run a promotion like this to help business and promote healthy teeth. Other agencies will pay by the pound and then send the candy to members of the military.
  5. Bake it! Most chocolate candies can replace nuts and chips in cookies, brownies, cakes, and though not baked… as ice cream toppers. This is a yummy way to get rid of Halloween candy and might save a bit of money too! Just don’t use chewy, fruity candy in the oven, however, they might make great ice cream toppers too!

This is just a short list… what do you do with leftover Halloween candy? Whatever you do with it, I hope that Halloween is full of fun, family, and happy memories!

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