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Halloween Craft – Making Mummies

Spooky Fun!

Halloween is here, well almost, and here is a cute craft that most can make, even little ones, with a little help.  These mummies are super easy to make, make a fun Halloween craft, and don’t require many materials.

What you will need; 1 can for every mummy, black construction paper or cardstock, googly eyes, glue, tape, scissors and gauze.

Special note: can edges can be sharp, please check cans before using. If cans are sharp, push as many edges in as possible and then tape an extra strip of construction paper or cardstock over the area, to avoid any cuts. The best option would to be to use a can opener that leaves no sharp edges, but I understand not everyone has one of those.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is simply and roughly cut the paper or cardstock (I used cardstock) to the height of the can. Once that is done, tape one side to the can. Believe it or not I only could find painter’s tape and didn’t want to run out for clear tape, but the tape will not be noticeable once craft is completed.

Mummy can

After taping, I also ran glue around the can, pressed the paper or cardstock to the can and lastly adhered the edge with more tape.


Next, I glued the eyes on and allowed to dry, I let sit for about 10 minutes, though you could work faster, I just didn’t want them to move around once I started applying the gauze.

making mummies

I started applying gauze at the top leaving a bit to fold inside the can and just worked around the eyes. Once at the bottom I just tucked under last loop around and dabbed some glue to hold.

fun crafts

Lastly, I pulled a piece of gauze in the center to make a mouth, dabbed a bit of glue to hold and pressed for a minute until it stayed on its own, though for variation you could leave some without mouths.

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All Done!

halloween crafts
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I added some candy and turned these into treat “bags” for a party. These would be super fun to make at a party or to give to kids when they come trick or treating, depending how many you get, we don’t get many, though if I start handing out things like this, I might 🙂 . Using the cans are a great way to recycle an item and they also make fun decorations on a mantle. These are really fun crafts!

I hope you enjoy making some spooky (cute) mummies this Halloween season and for some ideas on what to do with your leftover Halloween candy… check out these tips!

🙂 BEM and Fam

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