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Children Grow Up Too Fast

Originally posted in 2014, but updated 10/29/2021

Children Grow up too fast… and it is Hard!

Everyone knows children grow up and all parents know that is the end goal. We all hear how hard it can be but I don’t know if any parent is ready for it and I know I didn’t expect to feel this so early!

At Taekwondo today, without thought, I asked for a kiss before my oldest son, who just turned 6, went on the mat, he hesitated, looked around and I very much could tell, he was embarrassed of such an open display of affection. I was a little shocked and asked if he was embarrassed. He replied, “A little mom” and after practically begging, he said he would give me a quick kiss, which he did, but as he walked away I realized that IT… is happening. My children are growing up and it is happening too fast!

Time Marches On…

children grow up fastI suppose we all know the children will grow up, they can’t live with us forever, and they won’t need us forever, but when you start to head down that road, especially earlier than expected, it feels like a reality that you were unaware of.

My oldest son, who was born 2 months early, has always worried me because of how sensitive he is, and well… I fear the world will just eat him up and spit him out. I have glanced at him throughout the day and have wondered where the time has gone. I know he is only 6 but tomorrow it will be 16, and then I will barely see my baby inside of a growing man. 

When I see him now, I still see the little boy on the tricycle.

I have a 5-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son, I suppose they worry me in different ways, though they both are tough as nails. Perhaps when they are not comfortable with the affection mothers so often want to give, I will be blindsided then too, but with my oldest, it almost feels like the death of something… something that I can never get back.

Of course, there is a new beginning here, I am sure I will love every step on the road he takes to become the adult he will be, but I have a new appreciation for every little moment he wants to cuddle or hold my hand or just love me, because it is changing and I can’t go back. 

Motherhood is hard and being a parent in general is hard, but I can’t imagine anything else I would rather give so much of my life to! Here’s to all you parents out there… know I understand the pain and joy you feel 💗

🙂 BEM and Fam

2021 Update…

My oldest, Elijah, is 13 now and it is so very hard to believe! The kids have all grown but Elijah is at the age where he wants to grow up, but is very much still a boy. Rereading the above… it still feels true and fresh, but I know all isn’t lost. As his mother, I have loved watching him grow, find his interests, and talk about his future. At 13, I can’t cuddle him like I did at 3 or even 6, but he still asks if we can sit together, read together, and even snuggle while watching a movie.

As parents, we must prepare our children for the world but we don’t have to push them away. Tonight at the bowling alley, I asked Elijah for a hug… he gave me one… happily and completely unembarrassed. A small victory for moms everywhere!

BEM and Fam 🙂

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