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Easy Picnic Ideas

Summer Picnics Equal Fun Memories!

picnic ideasSummer brings lots of blue skies and warm days, and people generally want to enjoy the beautiful weather. In the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Canada and in the United States, summer is synonymous with July. 

July brings festivities like Canada Day and Independence Day, both of which include many outdoor activities, including picnics… so it is fitting that July is National Picnic Month!

When we think of picnics, we think of fresh air, fruit trays, cold salads, laughing, chatting, and catching up with friends. Picnics are enjoyable events and deserve a month of celebrations… so below, I have 5 tips to encourage a fun picnic.

As a family we have done many picnics… usually a simple grab and go of some essentials and food to enjoy the weather, but sometimes in the hurry, basics get overlooked. I thought I would post some quick tips, but as I started, I began to wonder… where did the picnic come from?

It’s French… who knew?

picnic month
Thomas Coles “The Picnic”

The word picnic comes from the French word pique-nique. After the French Revolution, the parks became open to the common people of France and so they began using the space for leisure, this included bringing food for the day. In the 18th and 19th centuries, picnics were large social events with extensive meals and elaborate drinks that sometimes took days to prepare.

As more people began to picnic, it became part of art. Many artists used picnics in their work and in turn, picnicking became fashionable. Today picnics come in all sizes, sometimes weddings are accompanied by a chic picnic lunch, and picnics make for great family time, but whatever the size or reason, it’s the time spent with others that makes a great picnic.

Quick Tips for a GREAT Picnic 

My family has always loved picnics and eating outside, whether we just eat a quick bite on the porch steps or we pack up for a day at the park, picnics are fun in all sizes. Here are some quick tips to help have a more enjoyable picnic…

  • Plan – this doesn’t mean impromptu picnics aren’t great, it simply means that if you can, plan ahead… then do so. Planning can be the difference between stressful and relaxing, so get a plan. Check out some of my picnic favorites.
  • Keep it simple – if you have a choice, choose simple. Choose easy foods, quick-prepped foods, or grab premade salads from your local deli department. Having a Tapas lunch… small plates of appetizers are a great option versus full main courses. If you are not trying to impress (and even if you are) opt for disposable dishes and utensils, maybe consider these biodegradable options
  • Use good containers – keeping everything sealed is important and containers that seal correctly are key. Another thing to consider bringing is a couple of garbage bags. Most picnic places have garbage containers, however, sometimes they don’t or they are full, and having some bags to separate garbage or used items, will be handy!
  • Bring some games – even if you think there will be plenty to do, bring games, especially if you have children with you. Here are some great travel games. Here are some of our family’s favorites… Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Left Center Right, and Bowling Dice Game (though this last one seems impossible to find). Coloring items are a great addition too!
  • Relax – read, take in nature, enjoy the weather, and unwind. Don’t be on the go every second… this needs to be fun for everyone, including you! Lie back with your family and look at cloud shapes, play I-Spy games, read to everyone, or have a block of time set aside for everyone in the family to just read. Make sure you plan a bit of rest and relaxation for yourself too!

No matter what month it is or what hemisphere you are in… plan a picnic and have some fun! Keep an eye out for some of my favorite picnic and summer recipes and I’d love to hear yours!  Comment below or head over to Instagram or Facebook and share with our community!

BEM and Fam 🙂

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