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30 Days of Grateful 2022 Edition

It’s November Again!

Last year, I took the month of November and did a #30dayofgrateful challenge. Many people do this during November and though I’ve done small things with the kids throughout the month, I’ve never really taken the time evaluate why I am grateful. That sounds terrible… of course I think about the things I am grateful for but not always the WHYS. So, in 2021… I did just that. 

I wrote up some prompts, made a calendar, and each day I sat and gave the prompt some thought. Some days were easy but other days took quite a bit of time. I posted it as I went on the blog, made the calendar printable for everyone, posted on socials, and I had thoughts of grandeur that people would join in… and maybe they did, but they didn’t share. This is of course fine, but I realized how exposed and vulnerable I felt… however, at the end of the day, I was doing this for ME and I really loved the journey I took.

30 days of grateful 2022This year, I made another calendar for 2022, though the prompts are the same as last year… BUT this year, I also made a list of grateful prompts! This way people can use it how they would like! Though this started as a 30 day, daily challenge for me, there is nothing wrong with using the prompt list at dinner with the family. How fun would it be to have a Thankful Thursday every Thursday in November! 

So, however you celebrate this month… even if being Thankful in November isn’t a custom or you feel pretty thankful year-round, grab your #30daysofgrateful list or grab your November dated calendar… or both and enjoy November!

Head over to Instagram or Facebook and share what you are grateful for or tag me @bemandfam… feel free to leave a comment too! Also, check out my 30 Days of Grateful post from last year!

30 days of grateful 2022 editionI plan on doing this challenge again, with NEW prompts next year, but the journey I took last year was amazing. I didn’t post much about each prompt, but I did spend so much time thinking about the things I am grateful for… it changed me a bit and I got to really know me better!

For all things fall or Autumn, check out my Fall Season page… there’s some recipes, crafts, and other fun stuff.

I hope you have a fantastic November and a great journey on your 30 Days of Grateful!

BEM and Fam 🙂

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